renee garvey

today, as i was standing in line at the airport, i noticed a stunning woman. she was hard to miss, her sense of style was outstanding. well, that and she was wearing a dress that i actually own. i started chatting with her and it turns out we had a lot of fashion 'sames'. loved her. she was cool. i asked her what she did in l.a. and she sort of coyly said, 'oh i'm a jewelry designer'. i got home and googled her name (of course-nosy stalker). and here's the deal, she's some crazy-serious design name in the world of jewelry. check her stuff out....insane. her work is organic but in a super high end way. beautiful golds, and leather and silk. combined in a handcrafted way so that the outcome are these gorgeous works of art.
i have this ring...from fred segal.
i mean check her stuff out. those cuffs? off the hook. if i were this gal-- i would have been all , 'oh i'm renee garvey, the jewlery designer'
nose in the air, eyebrows raised looking at this nosy girl in line like she was pedestrian. but no. this woman was so humble. and nice. super cool, humble, nice and outrageously talented.
love this one: simple. perfection. i see things like this and i think, 'so why are people still buying tennis bracelets?" renee's work can be found at the sundance catalog. and if you live in l.a. ---fred segal


what a great story and the jewelry is stunning. great post.
Who 'really' decides what's hot and what's not? Is it one influential person, famous designer, a celebrity, the media, bloggers,the masses? Does anyone know? How does something go from nothing to 'Critical Mass'? I think I know what the 'next big thing is going to be'.....
Style Court said…
LOVE the gold chain-link with turquoise!
Anonymous said…
That's cool megan, love her work, that's for the introduction. I'll have to show the girls.
How was K.C.?
Wow! I would have stalked her too! These pieces are fantastic, thanks for sharing :)


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