'ghost tree' by erich ginder {for whom I could not find a working link}
'branch table' by harry allen design
and this.
The best for last. 'Silence' carpet by Permafrost. Little, wild rabbit foot prints in the snow.
This would probably have to go in a room that no one is allowed. or no black animals are allowed. or no children drinking gatorade should be allowed.
or in a 'no shoes' house { which, if you are one of those houses? I should use this moment to let you know: nobody likes your rule. it jacks with their fashion plan~ trust. I used to be that house}


I love the ghost tree--though I am pretty sure the effect will be lost once I weigh it down with coats and hats.

The last time I went to a house with a no shoe policy, I could not find them when it was time to go. I know that sounds like a Sex and the City episode, but it really happened to me--at least they were Chuck Taylors and not Manolos. They were eventually found, but it was quite the unnecessary ordeal.
Karena said…
I know what you mean, you go to such lengths to put a darling outfit together with accessories and then ...please take off your shoes at the door, do you mind? What are you going to say!
Dianne said…
I can't imagine you ever being the "no shoes" house. You are so fun and free and have all those dogs. When did you change? Perhaps it was the birth of children, that'll do it everytime. LOL
beachbungalow8 said…
dianne, thank you because, "fun and free" is a huge compliment...but I used to be so precious about my home (pre babies) I learned. And am still learning! I go crazy with the dog hair. BELIEVE me. no fun and free around that issue!

Brill.~I think you're so right about the ghost tree, a bunch of dog leashes with poop bags tied on them and little kid jackets, would certainly jack with the fashion program.
wait, so I'm that house but only for midgets. or gremlins. or those beings that people call 'children'. 'cuz they don't have fashion so much.

I love that rug....but would like other foot prints, bear's or maybe deer's? It's gorge.
katiedid said…
Maybe we could just put the rug on the wall as "art". No? Oh well.
beachbungalow8 said…
karen, I forgot you're a 'no shoes' house! But I was too when I lived in an urban scape. when you hear people hawking loogies outside your window all day, you really don't want the 'scape' coming in through your front door.

I loosened up when we moved to the beach. It's mostly just sand now. sand I can handle.

Also, you've never 'required' me to take the shoes off before entering.
that's because you're not a midget. or a kid. Grown-ups (especially those with exceptional fashion sense such as yourself or those that are sporting a pair of Italian leather boots that sound a tad too big for their feet) get to keep their shoes on.

Honestly, I think it's my way of establishing from the get-go who's in charge before any kid enters in to my small domicile.
Anonymous said…
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thebubbreport said…
Hi Megan! I'm catching up on two months of blog reading so this is coming in a bit late, but you can find Erich Ginder's pieces at Design Public (http://www.designpublic.com/discover/erich%20ginder)

I hope you don't think I'm spamming you w/ this comment, as I work for them!


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