girlshop sells out

I'm so sad. Did you know that original indie shop, '' was bought out by net-a-porter? I mean, good for them but...!!! i'm left a bit speechless. Well, not entirely..... This was the site, 10 years ago, during San Francisco's El Nino rain storms, that inspired me and introduced me to new designers and funky pieces. I sat, housebound and pregnant, buying great little pick-me-up items. I bought a fur and leather purse from a -then new- little design duo-'kooba'. I found a great, hand stitched, going out top by Ingwa Melero. I purchased one of those name necklaces that were hot for about 2 seconds. I bought great undergarments by so-lo. I was so very fond of girlshop. They had one of the first really cool looking clothing websites. I used to study the html on it (nerdy computer geek) Cocky, young, me, even wrote them some unsolicited "advice" as to what sort of content should go in the copy of their site (*cringe*). something along the lines of, 'make it friendly, like you're talking to your bf "blah, blah, blah. and of course, they wrote me back a very nice note saying something like, 'ya, we already do that. go back and REREAD what we write' anyway. it's the end of an era. sad to see them go. *sigh*


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