what's your funktion?

with the holidays upon us, most of us aren't going to make it past our computers to shop much less, half way around the world. i love the idea of finding coolio -over seas, shopping without the need of a passport. this on-line boutique 'funktion alley' is a UK based company which has set out to promote all of that fabulous functional design by swedish and danish artists
(is that asuka again?? i declare that pattern to be over and in need of a nap) Clever storage design with oak exterior and white interior. A simple idea for keeping books and magazines tidy maze L shelf
round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows....the unstashed noteboard now, you know you could totally make this. but the idea is cool. kiev cd cabinet i love this cd cabinet. that bright citron on the inside rocks it.
the super no nonsense lilo floor mats indoor, outdoor, pets you name it. this thing is taking names.
and the kids stuff is amazing too......
puzzle furniture, it's just a great concept. (look! that red horse....always for the swedish, that red 'dala' horse)


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