cole & son, 'orchid' wallpaper

this stuff is so hot. i first saw it in sf, interior designer, caitlin moran's showhouse room. she totally killed it (in a good way mind you)
she paired it with navy blues and olivey citron greens.
when i went to track it down, i found that it comes in all of these color ways (or as they call it 'colour' ways) so pretty. i want this last one. i mean, if you're going to do wallpaper. DO the pattern and do it big.


Anonymous said…
In the first picture, the ottoman with the olive-green fabric is a ripoff of the Barcelona ottoman. (Which was orignally designed by Martha Stewart.)
beachbungalow8 said…
my god you have a good eye. it is in fact an :

A. rip off. fake. knock-off os the canal street kind.


B. of the barcelona lounge, of course, originally designed by 'our lord and saviour'martha stewart.

good eye!
Anonymous said…
Thank you. I trained my eye at the Martha Stewart Institute for Error Spotting.
Wow, it looks great in that the color combo!

Style Court said…
Yes, I love seeing it used this way. Thanks for posting it.
geneva said…
Excuse me, earlier anonymous blogger, why not give attribution (correctly) for the Barcelona Ottoman lounge to Mies van der Rohe, not Martha Stewart? Even Martha looks to the Masters for inspiration.

The room is fabulous, by the way.
beachbungalow8 said…
geneva, actually, not only did martha stewart, our lord and savior design the barcelona ottoman, but also, the glass house, the womb chair AND the saarenin tulip table. to name a few.

this is why i believe her to be, the lord and savior. oh, and she did all of these designs, originally using simple items found around her house and or, at a tag sale.
Anonymous said…
Her original Barcelona chair was fashioned from old barbecue tools and Hefty garbage bags.
beachbungalow8 said…
really. i did not know. she's so good that way.

instead of making the sign of the cross,when we mention her name, maybe we should hold our hands in front of us, pantomiming, holding on to bars, or running a tin cup back and forth.
Anonymous said…
Martha would be a perfect Prison Matron!
Unknown said…

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