nice package

if you appreciate super creative, designery takes on holiday wrapping, i suggest you check out, pop-ink designs sometimes irreverant, always charming and pretty:
more of a hands-on, do-it-your-selfer? from readymade magazine brown paper packages tied up with popsicle sticks.
which reminds me of the home-spun feel of this simple wrapping....
found on one of my new favorite sites, garnish
garnish, carries great packaging for all of your gifts. while there, check out there idea page.


How great is that wrapping paper!!! Love it!

Anonymous said…
Great inspiration in the "gift wrapping season" thanks :-)
One Love Photo said…
Thanks for the TIP! I have been wondering what my wrapping theme should be this year! I am now inspired!
katiedid said…
I easpecially love the jesus/santa/snowman paper. I am going to have to look into that one.

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