found around town

yesterday, while at the santa monica promenade, i bought a yummy little croque-madame from this (monsieur marcel) adorable little magazine kiosk turned french street bistro.i was taken at how simply an application of slatted, treated wood can add such a design impact.
ok, granted, this shot doesn't do it total justice, but it's more so you can see all over application. there's actually, a door in that wall with a tiny,lucite "W" wedged in between the slats (for 'women') and to bring light into the space, translucent lucite was placed intermittently, lit from behind. such a great, idea. and an easy instant joosh to an otherwise, boring little building.


Diane said…
Just found your blog through Blogcatalog and really enjoyed it!

Have added you to my Blogroll so I can keep up to date with your news!

Diane@Much of a Muchness

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