petunia face, you're making me misty over here

i just found a blog that actually made me teary.
in a good sweet way. petunia face has been leaving some funny, clever comments on this here blog. and so, in my avoidance of work today, i did some blog lurking. this girl's blog is witty, SO witty, self examining and so perceptive.
the blogger's mom, circa mid 70s
if you read just one of her postings, read this one. and you must read the comments. you'll love her parents. and if i still lived in sf, i'd probably stalk her. i think i have a new blog crush.


Anonymous said…
I cannot thank you enough for this post! And the feeling is mutual--I hit refresh on your blog 17 million times each day. Right now I'm in China for work lonely in my hotel room watching some weird Chinese program where everyone is on treadmills. I'm trying to figure it out as I eat my honor bar dinner of Pringles and Tsing Tao. I am
very homesick and reading this post very nearly made it all better. Thank you thank you!

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