Monday, February 28, 2011

No idea where I, originally, found this dress.  It's Marchesa { thank you Katie Armour }


but doesn't it remind you of the Marjorie Skouras Turquoise Chandelier?

This week on The Skirted Round Table :: Digital + Print Magazines

It seems to come up often among the three of us. After recording a show. We tend to go late into the night chatting. More often than not, lately, we scan digital magazines, online print magazines and talk about what we like in them, what we wish would be different.


I think the popular consensus is that we're incredibly impressed with the energy that goes behind the digi mags. But with anything new, there are kinks to be worked out. As for the new guard at the print magazines, eagle eye Joni points out that there has been some re usage of old images. Images that we've already seen. wow. Are print magazines getting lazy? Assuming we, the reader, won't notice? Anyway, lots to discuss. Come over and join Joni, Linda and me in another frank discussion around these issues.


and remember you can subscribe for free over on iTunes!

fashion :: L'wren Scott


At Fashion week, designer L'wren Scott sent down the runway, a parade of the most wonderful color mixes and silhouettes. All very wearable.

this might be my favorite.


The models 'look' was a bit vintage classic mixed up with a heavy eye makeup and messy hair. Madmen meets last night's hair and makeup.


Lady like, strong and a bit naughty. And the color palettes?

Has me dreaming of rooms with strong color uses and mixes - a little vintage glam with a little lady like tussle.

Friday, February 25, 2011

peace out

 oh, hey....

I'm back!

I've been snowboarding all week and without much computer access due to 80/6'd hard drive issue. Blogging via an ipad is just not something I had the patience for. All of that, thumb-finger dexterity was not working.  So I was forced to keep myself away from the blogging.


Maybe a good thing, in the long run. 


If you have a moment, run over to British designer, Mary Middleton's blog post on, 'High Octane Color' - here 

................................................. I didn't forget. I do have a book give away, that was scheduled for this week but due to my major technical malfunctions, is rescheduled for next week. 


Monday, February 21, 2011


Join Daniel and Valeria a.k.a hindsvik on a video tour of their home, where Scandinavian and Japanese vintage pop in a minimalist environment.


Friday, February 18, 2011

peace out

 I need to remind all of you  { after reading this post } to go and back up your Hard Drive. Eeeeeven if you have an external back up device, that you think is working for you.

I'm telling you this because I've spent the better half of the last two days, dealing with a dead, dunzo, gone, Hard Drive. I thought I had it all backed up. but guess what. no. It hadn't backed up since last July.

Yesterday, I bellied up to the Mac genuis bar with the genuis-tender who looked at me, and using his best 'concerned genius voice' said, "I'm so sorry for your loss"..... So, Hard Drive on the rocks all around. I'm being responsible and not letting my friends drive with out back up. Go back up your Hard Drive. seriously.

Now on to FUN things.


......and the winners of the West Third Brand candles are....

Rebecca of Acanthus and Acorn 

Thank you ALL for participating.  And thank you to the dear Michael @ W3B for providing the best smelling give away in the blogosphere.  You truly are, the bomb. dot com.


have an excellent weekend.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lo and behold.

ok, one more Swedish stylist. I didn't even google this one to see who else has blogged about Lo Bjurulf.

 I'm sure many. I don't care though, I figure those of you who have had the, "winter of everyone's discontent", could use this color shot .

 A visual boost of vitamin D.  wowza. Jolly Ranchers, pink hearts and yellow moons. The colors are delicious.

 really planning on doing this tall lemon tree thing + lettuce on the table look.

 paint the walls, paint, the radiator covers, paint the moulding, hell...paint the ceilings. but don't paint the floors. that would be over kill.

I'm captivated. Sort of a Stockholm Syndrome kind of thing going on I think.  

via, Dagny

the spinnaker chair

more stuff made from 'authentic' sails.
cool. here

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

lotta agaton :: interior stylist


Coming off of a weekend in the hills above Santa Cruz at my friend's beautifully restored farm house, I'm totally zenning out to these shots by Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton. The energy the pops of color, the simplicity, all have me drifting. 


I love an Albert Hadley tricked out room,


but man-o, if I could pull off living in a minimalist space filled with great typography, a palette inspired by river rocks and lovely light? I'd be, I don't know, throwing in the towel and making organic bread all day while throwing pots at night. 

by the way, if you're curious as I was about the familiar check or, "Brabants Bont design",  found in so much of Swedish design { + ikea } here's an interesting link to the background of the textile pattern.

Thomas Jayne book signing event at Rose Tarlow Melrose House

As if coming off of two weeks of Holiday vacation followed by teachers in service followed by President's Day, MLK Day and days off for summer like temps {no. not really} didn't count as enough down time for the kids in my life, it's now.....'Ski Week'! Yes, it seems folks at the beach were pulling their children out of school every February to hit the mountains, So the school solved the problem by just creating, 'Ski Week'.

The fortunate thing is that I'm going snowboarding. The unfortunate thing is that I'll be missing the opportunity to meet and hear speak, Thomas Jayne who will be signing his new book,  The Finest Rooms In America, tomorrow night at Rose Tarlow Melrose House. Boo.


The book is an inspiring collection of 50 photographs of rooms.

"All the rooms are decorated in the classic sense. Some are formal, such as the breakfast room at the Elms in Newport or reflect courtly manners such as the drawing room of the Miles Brewton house in Charleston. Others are informal and reveal more about the lifestyle of today, such as the living room of the Eames House or Bunny Williams's great room in her Connecticut barn."

 designer:: Rose Tarlow   

Many of the homes are historical and, or decorated by prominent designers but also included are those by non-decorators.

from the Francis Brody House commissioned by Henri Matisse, Los Angeles, California

 The book is sure to become a classic and a staple of every well rounded, design library. In fact, stop by next week I'll be giving away one book to a lucky winner.

dining room of the Mary Cooper House, New Orleans, Louisiana

For those of you not dashing off to the snowy Sierras, do yourself a favor and stop by Rose Tarlow Melrose House tomorrow night { 2/17/11 } for an evening filled with great discussion. Thomas will be front and center, sharing stories of his own finest rooms and signing books.

Rose Tarlow Melrose House

Thomas Jayne will share stories of his own finest rooms from coast-to-coast.

Thursday, February 17, 2011, 6:00 PM

Rose Tarlow Melrose House
8540 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles

Please rsvp to or 310.461.0705

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

stuck on repeat with Elli Popp

 If you're not familiar with the British design house, Elli Popp, and their funky { or 'sassy' as they say } Victorian designs, you should run over there and check out their punk, retro- romantic patterns.  

 They've recently put out a new collection called, “Victoria’s Curiosity Medley”.

The collection includes three new patterns { including the one above } that combine a collage of victorian memorabilia and design with hidden elements.


If anything, you'll get sucked into just perusing this creative and unique line. Kind of a Vivienne Westwood for your walls. Go ahead and procrastinate your Tuesday work load here.

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day my friends


 I'm one of the fortunate ones, who have friends with whom I've now shared a life time. Some of this group I've known since childhood, others since my late teens. They've been through boyfriends, breakups, divorce, marriages, new marriages and babies. These are the ones who, no matter what, no matter how long or how far the distance will always be able to gather and laugh, create dinners and more memories. They are the ones to whom I know I can tell anything.  They've been there through it all. And apparently they're not going anywhere.

Whether it's sitting in silence reading with the light streaming through the window, or sitting on a cool evening, surrounded by redwoods and apple trees we're always able to come together as though no time has passed.


When I see photos of our gatherings over the years, I'm starting to see the effects of time and life. Each of us easing into middle age (beautifully I will add. My friends are beautiful in all ways).

*snap* we are 19 fat happy little college faces, arms draped over each other's shoulders

*snap* We are, in our early 20s having lunch at a cafe in  Chicago 

*snap* we are 25 in  a bar in San Francisco 

*snap*   30s camping and talking babies, one is pregnant. 

Now we are 40 something. We talk about books, religion, life and family. It's interesting to see how our focus changes with each decade. Our self introspection beginning to take a bigger role in our conversations. As always, with us, there are plenty of laughs because we are, if anything, a group who understands each other's humor. It is the joy that binds us I think.

  At the end of these, far and few between, weekends we gather, luggage at our feet, giving each other long savory hugs knowing that we'll probably still be doing this again in a few years. And that at some point, *snap* 70s we're going to be talking hip replacements and incontinence. laughing all the while.

h a p p y   v a l e n t i n e ' s   d a y   m y   f r i e n d s .

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