Tuesday, September 17, 2013

slippery soap

Encouraging personal hygiene one bust at a time, London-based Korean artist Meekyoung Shin, decided to bring art to the loos of 16 museums and galleries across the UK with her installations from the  "Toilet Project".

Personally I'm such a freak, I don't trust public bars of soap-or busts of soap for that matter. (sticking with Purell and still using a paper towel to open the door as I exit)

 Still. They're cool and that's some serious sculpting. I mean, when I think 'soap sculptures' - I think Boo Radley. So, ups to Meekyoung.

If you so desire to see and cleanse, these sculptures can be found until October at galleries including Birmingham’s IKON Gallery, The Scottish National Museum of Modern Art and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Monday, September 16, 2013

why not....

Paper your laundry room in ridiculously unconventional wallcovering
 (add light fixtures, painted ceilings etc )

 Add French doors with cool shaped windows. 

Paint your interior doors something kicky (I'm partial to pink these days)

This one probably makes no sense to those of you who don't live near the beach. But I still say, why not. 

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