peace out


Beautiful Day said…
I LOVE this pic! The colours are just sublime! xx
Monika said…
Peaceful indeed! Is this a real photo or is it photoshop? Ether way it's a cool(warm) shot :)
Lisa Porter said…
Came by to check out THOSE FLOORS!!! Amazing.....
Meant to grab you before now to invite you over for a little "slow down" at TLPC before you "peace out".
Have a great weekend at the beach. I hear it's in the 70's!
You lucky duck.
xo Lisa
These colors. Are so incredible. I've been in a little romance with color combinations lately... painting in lue of a real romance ( no really I've cancelled dates! )
Stop by and take a look if you can! Hope you had a wonderful weeked...

xo Jessica Rae
{lovely ugly design}
Abigail said…
Love this!! The pastel colors subtly scream "spring"! Warm, sun-kissed, and fresh. Thanks for posting on what otherwise is a chilly, winter day!
Megan, Santa Cruz is my home town! Hope you had a great time, you beach gal you!
How beautiful and romantic! Great blog!
Oh wow, my great grandparents had a farm in Soquel, right down the road from Camp Kenolyn...where my husband went to camp as a kid. So much history there. All my best childhood memories are in the Santa Cruz areas.
Cherry said…
If a bowl of sorbet had to be made into the architecture of an old town, it might start to resemble this.

Such a delicious photo!

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