It's a drippy day which tends to make me want to (go down and stare at the inky mess that the ocean becomes) look at pretty, pretty pictures (and go down and stare at the inky mess that the ocean becomes)

Here. I share with you. ( And for those of you over on the right, I think might have a little snow coming your way )

 photography by Michael Wells
illustration, by Carrie Booth

 The Burning House Blog. If your house was burning, what would you take with you?

Painting, Mia Linnman

Ruby red grey hound jello shots. The Jello shot gets all grows up.  Here's how


Love that Mia Linnman horse painting... Also, laughed out loud when I saw that "what you would take with you if your house was burning" Instagram pic!
Tokyo Jinja said…
That first photo is one of my permanent inspiration favorites! Have a lovely day!
I feel like that some days too. Then I find myself getting lost in blogs, pinterest and House Beautiful.

Spring is almost here - have a great weekend!
Ivy Lane said…
Some good "stuff" here! Happy Weekend! and yes...we over here on the right are in for some snow and COLD temps..... enjoy the ocean!

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