happy earth day!

I've been guest blogging over at sfgirlbybay.com the following postings are what I've been up to. While working with interior space has always inspired, excited and intrigued me, I've always depended on others to 'take care of' and create my gardens. The first time I met my friend Robyn what drew me in was her, personal, gentle beauty, creativeness and inherent connection with the earth. Sort of a modern day, sophisticated 'earthy girl' - if you will. I knew right away that whatever it was this gal was doing, I was sold. She could create my outdoor space anyday. Over the past 10 years, Robyn has cultivated and nurtured a landscape design business that is deeply rooted in her love for nature, children and design. A native of the San Francisco area, Robyn spent much of her childhood, tromping through the woods of Tiburon, learning the names of native species and taking in what plants, nature so perfectly aligned. She later turned this passion into Robyn Pope Gardens, a landscaping design business, specializing in 'child friendly gardens'. "Children love to explore the outdoors. Any small adventure they can concoct, they will. I like to design safe spaces for children that will encourage investigation, imagination and adventure. A space where action figures come alive in the hardscape area, and children run, jump and swing. A garden filled with luscious textures and variations of green, spots of colour here and there and canopies of branches to sit under and perhaps sip lemonade." Not only does Robyn design gardens that are child friendly, she works with recycled and reclaimed items to create garden structures. "A favourite part of designing for me is to create functional structures from existing materials. It's not quite an invention, but some call it inventive. Metal is a favourite of mine. It has strength that does not take away from a landscape and blends quite easily into most outdoor spaces."  Robyn's gardens can be seen throughout San Francisco, Carmel and Los Angeles. www.robynpopegardens.com robynpopegardens@yahoo.com


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