John Robshaw crush

I have a new crush. His name is John Robshaw. Not the man mind you, but his line of textiles. I know. I'm a fickle one. But, I've been admiring him for some time now, noticing the clever ways he uses indigenous materials from India, all hand-printed and hand-stitched by local artisans. It's all so wonderful that it gives me the shivers. I adore worldliness in a person and even more so in the items with which I surround myself. Robshaw has put this quality into form. His use of ancient craftsmanship, picked up in his travels throughout India and Southeast Asia, not only show his worldliness but that he really 'gets' it. The wide range of color and design give such a thoroughly modern edge to the boho look. Ethnic, block printed textiles have been main stream since Pier 1 opened it's doors. What's different here is the use of bright apple greens and hot pinks mixed in with earthy, clay-ey tones. This gives it a much more accessible, chic feel. I really think that even if you're not a lover of the organic, ethnic look (hi, Trisha) you'll love his designs. Mixed in with a classic, mattress ticking stripe or white linen gives it a fresh and unexpected look. (I really believe that even Pottery Barn is trying to knock him off these days) One of my favorite John Robshaw items, is the Pichhwai pillows. These are hand painted pillows with a pumped up pastel palette (decadence). That's right, it's hand painted (biting my knuckle) It's simply lovely and primitive in design. It would be beautiful and exotic in a soft pink little girl's bedroom. The bird motif on these pillows, is so far from the silhouette-birds-on-a-wire thing that seems omnipresent these days. it's so refreshing and a little funky . Like I said, I have a crush on this stuff and I might even venture to say that I'm in love with it.


Anonymous said…
Ummm.... I think I want to get married in this place.... and I have managed to stay free for 38 years! Powerful Stuff.

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