shadow play

Initially, I found the tree lumens (see below), and shared them because they're were just so weird and Frodo hobbit like. But I was just checking out the dutch artist/designer, Tord Boontje's web site and found this beautiful shadow light. Isn't it wonderful? ok, back to the original post: Brooklyn artist, Adam Frank designed these oil burning lamps called 'Lumens'. Lumens are a stainless steel design that lighting designers call cookies (cuculoris, if you care to get really technical), a pattern which blocks light, casting a flickering shadow on the wall behind it (blah, blah, blah). What you get is this very cool but weird and mysterious shadow cast on the wall. This would be a great housewarming gift or a fun hit of ambiance at a dinner party. you can choose from Pine, Nest, Cedar or Magnolia (and apparently birds). found here.


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