I once had a house in Boston and it came with the walls painted yellow. post-it note yellow. "no bueno" I said. "gotta go", "Can't live with it!", "It vibrates!" I said. Others said to me, "I think it's quite nice. Up-beat, sunny even." And so it was then that I came to conclude: you either ARE a yellow person or are not. I was the latter. Until now.... I'm seeing yellow everywhere and loving it. Not post-it note yellow mind you. But a deep, warm yellow. A yummy, mom's-1972-patent-leather-Anne-Klein-pumps- yellow. and I LOVE it. Need it for summer to accessorize and look tan. Need to add it to a room in small doses like little glints of gold. It just adds that lovely, Palm Springs vintage touch to everything. and really, I do believe that it's a neutral. This little chair from anthropologie is the shizzle. Having a couple of these in my tiffany box blue, living room would make the whole room sing with a resounding, "that's fresh!". It's a whole new approach to 'beach bungalow chic'. You've been wanting that perfect 'daffodil' dress to wear to a summer soiree? Look no further, the blossom has bloomed. How great is this little cotton number (look closer, there's a Jacquard print thing going on) It's by Milly and can be found at Bergdorf Goodman's. Who knew ruffles and bows could look so darned sophisticated and mod. Did I mention my mom's vintage Anne Kleins? Unfortunately, there isn't a little gold lion logo, but, yowza! these are some kicks with some serious kick! dolce vita shoes can be found at oliveandbettes.com oh! and how lovely the gold looks against this color! Pull out all of your old 80s gold...because a warm yellow is a perfect backdrop. www.vidalife.us.com Embossed snake skin? In yellow!?? give me a break! This bag (designed by Stephenie Hammitt) had my adrenaline going from the get! from the moment I saw it, I pictured myself hailing a cab with it dangling off of my arm, going to dinner with me in palm springs sitting beside me like a little pet. Because this color goes SO well with navy...just think of how great this will look with your dark washed, super skinny jeans OR with a great pair of trouser cut jeans (very Lee Radizwell) Grab this little nugget at hammittbags.com Is that what this is? That it's reminiscent of the early 70s without being obvious? Is it that it just adds a little wow to about any old thing? Is it that it works with everyone's coloring (I swear it does and I'm a 'red head') or is it that, in the end, I really am a yellow person.


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