baubles i've loved

In the early nineties, I was at Barney's in NYC and came across jewelry of the likes I had never seen. TEENY TINY antique photographs of babies, embellished with hand painted gold angel wings made into drop earrings. On the back, was a poem, etched into the metal. So special and unique. These were the work of San Francisco, jeweler, Jeanine Payer. Since she started this photograph and etched poetry concept, I've seen it done (at a much lesser quality) all over the place. And hey, why not, it's a super cool gig if you can repeat it. Too bad nobody has even touched her talent! That day, at Barney's, I bought these beauties: They are still one of my favorite pairs. Here are a few of her more recent designs from the on-line shop, ylang23 Aren't these just incroyable? Yes. They are.


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