Galbraith and Paul under foot

I love these new rugs that the textile company, Galbraith and Paul are doing. The combinations of the bold graphics of Marimekko, the painterly qualities of The Bloomsbury Group, and the hand printed textures of William Morris textiles, give Galbraith & Paul fabrics a subtle and elegant spirit all their own Now they are lending these qualities to hand tufted carpets. Each carpet is made to order and so can be made to exact size specifications. Textures can be varied using combinations of thick and thin loop, as well as cut pile. You can also choose wool, silk or wool silk blend. The point being, here, these are some beautiful rugs. and yes, you'll have to track down a professional designer (or your neighbor with the resale licence, pretending to be a designer) But a great rug is like a great pair of shoes. It makes the outfit--or room in this case.


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