"gourmet kitchen with top of the line appliances..."

This doesn't describe my kitchen. It describes most of the new kitchens that surround my little 1947 beach bungalow. But not this little survivor of prosperous times. No, thankfully, I do not have the 'granite counter tops" that some of these others boast and it still has the original cabinetry (which means no storage) but all in all, I do have a sweet little space that boils water for mac and cheese 3 times a week and pancakes on Saturdays. And it so suits the kitchen collection at anthroplogie perfectly. A little quirky, vintage inspired and happy. What better way, in a little galley kitchen, to add some fresh color than these dish towels. Sunny, citrusy, fruit stripe gum .and you can always count on anthro for these kitschy kitchen towels. appliqued owl towels. hoot. these two would just look great with my wall color. and so that this post isn't all about the dish towels ( I do have a dishwasher btw) look at these pretty little hand blown glasses these would be perfect with lemonade made from my lemon tree (only in L.A.) and because I love my butter at room temp. this sunny little container would add the perfect little pick me up and look so beautiful against the black (non granite) counter tops I think, that maybe I could use this while I'm at it.....bust a move on the regular faire, perhaps and because, no matter how small the kitchen, there's always room for friends and a dinner party.


Liz Harrell said…
Good for you! I have strained in resistance against the granite counter tops as well... but hubby won out on the stainless steel. I love your kitchen!
Stitcher S said…
Reading your thoughts on granite counter tops was like a breath of fresh air to me. I don't quite get the 'rage' of the granite counter tops.

I love your kitchen, too! What sort of countertop is that, if you don't mind me asking. It's very crisp and nice.

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