hammitt bag sale and launch-just in time for mother's day!

Not too long ago, in my 'yo taxi' posting, I featured an amazing yellow bag by my talented friend, Stef Hammitt of the eponymous line, 'hammitt bags". Stef's bags have been a huge hit with all of the celebs as well as all of us regular folk (albeit glamorous). These bags are simply, amazing. they're beautifully made (Italian, yummy leather) in the freshest colors. This Thursday evening Stef will be hosting a party to launch her new line of plastic hammitt bags. These bags are a departure from her leather bags but will maintain the same classic, hammitt design. This, making them the perfect yoga-to-beach-to-dinner-date bag. (A lower price point makes them a bit more accessible to her, loyal, young fans) The party will also serve as a platform for her customers to get know a little more about the non-profit- 'walkwithsally' (a mentoring program, benefiting families dealing with cancer) This is a great chance to meet Stef, have a cocktail and buy yourself, your mom and every other fashion forward gal you know, a hammitt bag. Stef's bags will be 40% off of their retail price. here's the 411: what: mother's day sale and launching of hammitt bag's new plastics (clear, neon, pvc) line. time: 5-10 pm place: shade hotel 1221 north valley drive, manhattan beach 40% off Need to get a hold of Stef? - 310-925-8485 hammittcollection@yahoo.com hammittcollection.com


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