If i was art directing my children...

flora and henri spring 2007, originally uploaded by bungalow8.

It's hard to believe (and admit for that matter) that my own children would choose a 'da bratz' emblazoned t-shirt over something this INCREDIBLE!!!! When you give birth to not one girl but two, you assume that you have a future in art directing your children. But, then, time moves on, bigger battles arrive. and, honestly, in the end, how's a kid supposed to develop a sense of style? (don't blame me, girls, when you look back at how you dressed--i tried dammit!)
In a perfect world, where i AM art directing my children, this is what they're wearing. head to toe. flora and henri. beautiful, classic and vintage inspired. Even if you don't have children, the photography in their catalogs is a treat.


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