Imelda by the sea

I live in a little beach town in L.A. and it's, "NOTSOL.A." In so many ways. It's a common site, in the early morning, to see people walking down my street with wet suits and surf boards under their arms. Folks pedal around on fat tired, beach cruisers. Volleyball players set each other up in the sand. Nobody seems to be working. The sound of palm trees whisper in the breeze, the air is -get this- smog free (folks!). It's also a barefoot and flip-flop kind of place- year 'round. So I ask you this, why in the world does this town have to torture me with, INCREDIBLE SHOE SHOPPING!!?? It's problematic for me. Maybe not for most. But, um, for me this is excruciating. (I sort of wonder if I should 12 step my way through this obsession). Let me give you a for instance: Yesterday I walked downtown to run an errand. Walking by a couple of store windows I saw this: And all that I could think was those are the perfect shoe for this dress that already have: Now I know some of you are thinking, 'snake skin WITH zebra?" but this works. the snake skin reads 'grey', and the pattern is subtle. Nice with the zebra print. And think how great with a pair of jeans or short shorts. I couldn't resist. I stepped into this little boutique and while there, the owner brought out boxes of other shoes, 'I might like' She's a pusher with a junkie. She knows her market. look at as this little jewel: Which I can totally justify because i have this dress (another Von Furstenberg) already -and it would look really cute when i don't feel like wearing a heel.So simple, so gold. Or, again, with jeans. Oh and it just went on and on. There was Jutta Neumann, Calleen Cordero, Sigerson Morrison, Faryl Robin. MAKE IT STOP!! In the end. I was so good. I walked away. In my rubber Haviana flip-flops . No purchases made.


Natalie said…
Well done on not spending any money. I always feel so proud of myself when I am tempted by a cute pair of shoes and I walk away without a purchase.
beachbungalow8 said…
oh i know. SUCH restraint. i can't find a picture of the other line this store carried. but it was even cuter than these. I have a closet full of shoes. i DON'T need more. that needs to be my mantra!

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