lavender and chocolate becomes a room

lavender and chocolate, originally uploaded by bungalow8.

I've always really liked this LuLudk, geometeric fabric (down there on the lower left) in chocolate brown. I've gathered a few things that I think would be beautiful in a room based on that fabric. The sofa is from and the vintage chairs from "Downtown" in L.A. I can't remember where that great twig table is from, but if you need it-let me know and i'll find it. the rug is from


I love the lavender/chocolate brown combo! Great choices!
Anonymous said…
I'm slightly obsessed with the LuLudk chant print myself. It's the rug of my dreams. Can you share the source of the taupe paint color? I'm in search of the perfect taupe wall color. Thanks.
beachbungalow8 said…
laurie, i am still digging up good taupes i've used. it so depends on the lighting in the room. but if you have an osh hardware, the martha stewart line they carry has some great creamy taupes (think chocolate milk with a lot of milk) not too pink or green. i'll get some ben.moores that are more accessible and get back to you.
Anonymous said…
On your suggestion, I went to look at Marth Stewart colors today at Home Depot. I love the color combinations on her paint chips. I'm sure I walked out with more than my fair share. I picked up a few for current projects and a few more for future inspiration.

Here's the picture, from Sunset magazine, that started me on the taupe hunt:,24880,783189,00.html

Taupe is such a tough color to nail down. I thought taupe might be a nice, restful neutral for my bedroom but the right color has eluded me so far. Your chocolate milk with a lot of milk description is just what I was thinking. I was also inspired by the many great rooms with taupe wall colors in the bungalow staging and design portfolio.

I may have to go back to blue though as I'm getting a bit frustrated in the taupe hunt.

If you're interested, there's a picture from Oly Studio that has many of the design elements I'm trying to pull together. It's on this website, for the store where I bought the bed:

Under windowshop, third picture down on the left. I have the Robert console pictured, a tufted headboard very close to the color of the chair pictured, chocolate laquered side tables and blue lamps. I was hoping to use the Luludk chant fabric somewhere in the room; a pillow most likely. It really is one of my favorite fabrics.

I had all the furniture before I saw this picture from Oly but that's where I got the idea for the blue walls. Still I wouldn't mind just having a splash of blue with the lamps and pillows. Am I totally off base with the taupe wall idea?
beachbungalow8 said…
don't over think this taupe thing. taupe is the ultimate neutral. blue goes beautifully with it. think how beautiful a siamese cat's eyes are against the taupe fur.

stay away from anything with too much red in it. keep it a grey taupe and DON'T over think it! do not go out and buy 5 different taupes. run a few color names by me and i'll check them out if you'd like.

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