le petit prince

My friend Jennifer has amazing style. Everything she touches becomes beautiful and highly art directed. By profession she is an art director, graphic designer and illustrator of children's books. This is her baby boy's room: Gorgeous, no? It's so refreshing to see a baby's room done with such a whimsical hand and yet sophisticated color palette. I love that striped dash and albert style rug, placed on top of the periwinkle, painted floor? so fantastic. I'm almost positive that the 'whale' painting was something she did (forgot to ask) but this is the kind of thing she does. so i would guess so. oh, and just more cute-ness, the little details, not forgotten... and yet, by using the, polka-dots, the tiny gingham check, the pale blue and white contrasts, she manages to make it sweet and playful. handsome, charming and fit for the petit prince that Miles is! great job jen!


Style Court said…
Well done! Love the brown/white dot crib tie details!!

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