Muriel Brandolini-high voltage designer

Muriel Brandolini, interior, clothing and fabric designer--international whirlwind and mother (god love her)... is about as high voltage as you get in the world of design. I need to stop right here because i'm realizing how much this photo- at left -does not do this write up, or her, justice. hang on....... so much better. I continue: Brandolini's glam upbringing, ricocheted from a Saigon childhood, a Caribbean adolescence and a Parisian education. She later became a fashion stylist before moving on to becoming one of the most celebrated decorators in the business. This is a perfect example of innate talent being fostered and brought to fruition by exposure. one can have all the talent in the world but it may not be realized, lest they are exposed to many a varied thing, environment or idea. (i.e. be open minded and travel!). small tangent, back to Muriel Brandolini and her fabulousness..... Her work really expresses her experiences with varied cultures and periods. her color use is rich and saturated. imagine some of or-- ANY of these fabrics (yes!, all at once) covering a sofa, windows, a slipper chair or as a bed covering. GORGEOUS. this is the look that makes you walk into a room, stop dead in your tracks and go, 'ok. what is going on here-no, seriously." and then you just are stunned, in your foot steps in awe of the beauty. this is talent to be reckoned with.


Style Court said…
Megan, so true! What a great point about innate talent "being fostered and brought to fruition by exposure."
Anonymous said…
I love her work too but I think it should be known that the actual block prints are designed by traditional Indian craftspeople and Muriel puts it all together, i.e. chooses the blocks, colours and fabrics. I think it is wrong to give all the design credit to Muriel when actually it is the craftspeople in India her deserve more credit - most of these designs are technically their copyright, not Muriel's.
beachbungalow8 said…
ahh! well credit given, where credit is due. you've enlightened me. thank you for that information.

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