Not just your ordinary invite. These extravagant little works of art are the creation of Red Bliss. Red Bliss, Is a creative endeavor successfully fulfilled by two sisters, Christine Traulich and Dori McDonald. How excited would you be to receive any of these magical packages. Look at this little invite to celebrate the impending arrival of your new peep. This is a winter wedding invitation......wrapped in a cashmere envelope. insanity. I love how this one is beachy without, the over used and obvious, sea shell motif. "During the 8-12 week collaborative design process, we carefully explore every detail with you to create invitations that celebrate your individuality and the personal significance of your event. Fine detailing, custom styling, novel dimension and notable refinements go into each creation." To see more or to contact them for your next event click here.


Decorno said…
Ack. I am waiting for the backlacsh against such crafty resumes and cards. It always reminds me of suburban moms with too much time. And for someone to spend "8-12 weeks" on a collaboration process to design cards, that's just way too over the top. If I was going to spend so much, I would prefer engraved invitations from Mrs. John L. Strong. But that's just me.
beachbungalow8 said…
ya but the difference is the suburban mom, wouldn't do it this well. they'd use less expensive items and copy something seen in martha.

I understand where you're coming from. I know all too well, the 90s and all of my artdirector friends with their over the top, wedding invites. everyone being so 'clever'

My personal stationary collection consists of the old school lines such as mrs. john l. strong, cranes and william arthur. but that's just me. I keep it simple.

In the end, I love that everyone has an opinion! so thank you for you comment

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