late night ebaying

I go through my little ebay obsessions. Things I like to hunt down late-night, as I hover before my glowing screen. Here I share with you something I just scored under the search, 'vintage, beltbuckle'. How great, right? summery, owl-y. Perfect with white pants. After I won this, a guy from Michigan wrote me to say, "I am so upset. I forgoet to bid on this buckle. Could I pay you $10 to let me buy it? It is for my girlfriend and she is sick and would love it. Let me know" (sha. right.) I said yes, of course. However, I have yet to see this check. Maybe he just 'forgoet'. So, 'shaqbark' if you're reading this, deal's off. It's just grown on me too much. I truly hope your gf is feeling better.


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