sassy little number

Sassy. When I was looking for a back-story to share with you about one of my favorite obsessions, cocktail rings, I found that description. Total old lady term. But I've grown so tired of 'bling'. So I'm fully owning the 'sassy'. and so.... let me tell you cocktail rings are EXTRA sassy. I love these baubles. they're enormous, ridiculous and pimp like. It adds instant..... 'sass' to anything you wear. Look at this fantastic creature from Boucheron. A hedgehog. Come on. now that's some sass with class. The cocktail ring is meant to be a dramatic large ring, worn at cocktail parties. This ring was popular during US prohibition at illegal cocktail parties. Such a ring flaunted not only the fact that one was drinking illegally, but also that one was doing it with style (which is probably a good rule in life). The general rule is that the BIGGER, the BETTER (not, probably, a good rule in life). A cocktail ring is supposed to catch and be-dazzle the eye. It's also supposed to be opulent and overdone. I just bought this item at urban the other day. I love that it's a beautiful pool green, and that it has a slightly organic look. all the while being glam (it does make your finger sweaty though) And for all you crazy cougars (and you know who you are) all of these are from urban. moving on to anthro: and then, of course, target has one that I would wear fo sho.


I LOVE cocktail rings, esp. those by Kenneth Jay Lane. Love the ones you've posted here too.
beachbungalow8 said…
oooh. aren't those kenneth jay lanes fantastic? i had one on all weekend in palm springs-- with a bikini. I felt like a total stud.

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