se faire belle

e Page Finlay, professional ballet dancer turned maker of exquisite jewelery, hand crafts these delicate pieces using only the finest grade of gem stones, 14k gold and silver. Inspired by her years of dancing, and the sparkle of the tiaras she wore, she began making earrings that she could wear while dancing on stage. The lay of the stone against the skin and how it caught the light, maintained an important part of her design. She also makes these, rock-star status cuffs (this might be something I need to get my hands on) A bit of a departure from the delicate pieces, but certainly just as beautiful. Each of her pieces is made with the precision of a true perfectionist and lover of beautiful things--thus the name, 'Se Faire Belle' which translates to, 'look beautiful' to see her full line and purchase Page's work click here.


Anonymous said…
You did this jewerly justice. I have few of the cuffs and they're amazing looking in person. She's a talented gal.
Style Court said…
Oooh that cuff, shown top -- looks like a must have! Thanks for the introduction.

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