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I'm crazy about the design company, "Shine". Even a little bit unbridled with my enthusiasm. There is nothing that this design company produces that I don't get a full on adrenaline rush over. Back story: Shine began from a love for vintage lighting and soon realized that an entire home line would ensue. All of the products are hand-made by craftsmen. The line of glass that Shine carries brings back the art of hand blown glass to interior design. By acquiring the molds used by artisans dating as far back as the mid-20th century, Shine has been able to reproduce these pieces. They also carry porcelain pieces which are made by craftsman as well and many of which have gold and silver leafing Then there's the furniture. Where to begin. There is an obvious call to the past with the curvilinear lines of the Art Deco period being used.This gets paired with modern design elements as well as ancient detailing, such as the greek key pattern. Finally it gets a dose of perfection by the use of color choices.The really nice thing about all of this, is that these people are humanitarians. While busy creating beauty they also make sure to give back to the world. They live by such a great credo. In their own words, "The Foundation of our business is built on brightening the lives of our consumers, partners, employees and the community. Shine truly believes that building a better company demands building a brighter community. We donate a portion of our pretax profits, as well as significant volunteer hours to Women of Vision." To find more about women of vision, a division of world vision click here I think all of us could use a little (or a lot) of Shine in our lives.


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