a shout out to decor8

I wanted to thank Holly over at decor8 for making me her blog of the week. This truly exemplifies why I love the world of design blogging and am always inspired by it. This constant support and encouragement is what enables all of us to continue to bring to and exchange with all of you, great finds and new ideas. And bottom line, it's such a group with good energy. Who doesn't need that? As holly said to me, 'We're all blog stars rising at different times, positioned in different parts of the sky, observed by some or many. It's all about the life you touch with your voice, your just being there, your shine. It means so much to have bloggers writing passionately about what they love.' word, holly. word.


Anonymous said…
Hi .. this is my first time on your blog.. came from decor8. I agree with you about spreading the good energy.. Good blog .. will visit it regularly.
beachbungalow8 said…
so happy you found the blog!

my credo: good design and the beauty that's around us, brings out the beauty that's within. (that and a sense of humor!)

thank you for checking my blog out

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