style court likes me, she really likes me!

Today, the ever generous, lovely and incredibly informed (this gal knows her stuff), Courtney Barnes has featured me on her blog 'stylecourt'. Stylecourt, is probably one of the most comprehensive blogs on interior design out there. Her writing is not so over the top academic that you start drifting off. But it's like having a 2 minute class in Interior Design. It keeps you wanting more. She also has that Southern sensibility that makes her topics always interesting. Sort of that old money, preppy, classic design aesthetic. I recently fell in love with this shot of Ivanka Trump's apartment that she featured. The posting (Versatile Hermes)was about using Hermes scarves in non-conventional ways (you can see a vintage scarf, framed back there) She's really great at pulling photo references from about 10 different design magazines. So you don't have to waste your time culling the pages of these. One of my friends emailed me about stylecourt saying, "I love her blog. She writes about things I read about in my European magazines as far as taste goes. Thanks to you I now read some blogs daily." so if you haven't been, GO. NOW. you won't be disappointed. and if you've made it here because of her, thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you daily!


Style Court said…
Megan, wow this review made my day! It will have to go in my press kit--if I ever have one :)

Thank you!


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