thomaspaul at bluefly...and are they high?

I'm big on finding deals and steals and so occasionally will check the home section at bluefly. Mostly it's just the same stuff, king sized hotel linens and throws. Not a lot i can do with those. But coincidentally, I found these today on bluefly: This one, above, reminds me of that osborne and little wallcovering, "asuka" and you know what the beauty of this is, they're available for 40% off. Bringing the tune down to around $50.00 a pillow. They also carry a few of his melamine plates and even some cloth napkins. So if the thomaspaul posting piqued your interest, go check bluefly out. Now....on to the second part of that heading, 'and are they high?" Someone over at bluefly is not only "fashion obsessed", but is also apparently smoking crack. Because, NObody i know is going to bluefly to buy a beach towel for $400.00 dollars. I mean, this one with the fish is pretty but-- come on $400.00? And if you are, then you are most likely also taking giant bong hits along with these folks at bluefly who are laughing really hard at how easy it was to take the proverbial candy from the baby.


Leah said…
Hi Megan,

For great deals on Thomas Paul pillows, you can't beat eBay. There are lots of TP pillows and other items for less than $20:

Happy hunting!

beachbungalow8 said…
Oh..I'm a BIG proponent of ebay! half of my house is filled with fabulous ebay finds.

wonder if you can find one of those hermes towels for $20!

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