wanna be my lab partner?

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I've had several request from readers to help them with a room that they feel stopped around. So this got the gears going. What if we did a design lab of sorts? If you were to send me a jpeg of your room, I would come up with suggestions and then post the photo you sent along with the suggestions, and the final product. It's always really interesting to see other folks interpretation of my suggestions. Since design is so subjective and should always have a bit of your own thumb print on it, It would make it a really fun project. So what do you think? are you game? if so, email me at meganatthebeach@mac.com.


Linger Longer said…
Hi! Love your blog- just found it thru decor8 - My room is my den/family room. I am taken over by playskool right now with two young kids- We just moved into this house, so things are not as we would like. It is a very open floor plan. I would like to get away from such traditional decor- and have cleaner lines/a little more spare with style. Also, I want all burgundy out of my life! This room is open to the eating area and kitchen. It is a very open floor plan- which is why we bought the house. I will keep reading!
Style Court said…

Looking forward to seeing how this evolves!

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