your slip is showing-i'm so white part 2

I'm so excited, my new slip covers came in on friday! "woo-hoo!" (as the band 'blur', sings) these are the little things that bring sheer joy to me. I'm easy that way. I'm loving the lightness it's brought to my, once richer looking, space. Now I'm considering papering that wall with the mirror on it, with a rafia paper. It's a much more mono-chromatic feel but it definitely feels like the room has taken a deep breathe, exhaled and said, 'ahhhhhhh...summer time and the living is easy' btw, i was a bit lazy about the styling aspect of these shots. I was just too excited to get these out. so, forgive, my old-man dog (milo) lying there, and the lack of flora and fauna on the coffee table.


Anonymous said…

Milo AND the slip covers look perfect. I can just feel the ocean breeze coming through your front door....dying to know if you do, indeed, go with the raffia. It'll add such a nice touch to the room. Btw, slipcovers look kerry cassill-y...? could it be?

Karen S.
(always feel like I gotta give the initial, just so you know it's me)
beachbungalow8 said…
old milo. bless him. i can totally feel and hear the ocean breeze through my dutch door. they do have that kerry cassill look. or john robshaw too. just that indian wood block print feel. and they're linen! I am trying to track down the manufacturer. I buy most of my fabrics from places like 'diamond foam and fabric' they don't tell you the maker.

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