Tuesday, May 29, 2007

you're so stylin'

photos stylists are always looking for interesting design elements to fill in areas and help showcase furnishings in catalog shoots. As with most things, when somebody stumbles across something that works, everyone gets on the bad wagon. Here are a few items you can pick up to give your own space that stylin' finish. I must caution you though, don't spend too much on these, as they will, as with any trend, look a bit dated soon. the foo dog: a nice touch of classic oriental. You generally will see these figurines done with a blue glaze. But they seem to come in myriad different finishes. My personal suggestion, to get this same feel but just a tad different is the chine de blanc piece (thank you ,thepeakofchic- for giving me the name for it) that i found on ebay. I just typed in, 'white, oriental, figurine' and found a bunch of these. 'cabinet of natural curiosities': Man this is EVERYwhere. Omnipresent. It is a beautiful book, published by taschen but it certainly has become common coffee table art. why not go back to ebay and find something really fun. Maybe vintage books on something that interests you, or about your hometown, or a favorite vacation spot. I'm big on finding vintage architectural digests to stack on a table. and i love the way art books from the 50s and 60s look (cool fonts galore). Victoria at sfgirlbybay, lives in the apartment of Herb Caen (which is unbelievably great fodder for party conversation). You know who this is if you're an sf dweller. For the rest of you, he was a well known and much loved writer of San Fran. She has these books placed in her apt: coral: I do love this look. But i live at the beach so it works. Initially, it was so British colonial, harbour island feeling. but, darn-it all, it's gotten WAY too much play in the past year. So this I caution you on buying in bulk or spending too much on. if you are to buy something, buy a few prints. Do what I've done, go to artposters.com and pick up a knock off and then head over to your favorite cheap-pete's frame shop and put together a look that can be sold at a garage sale next year. OR head to your local flea or antique shop (or yes, ebay) and find something vintage and a little different but still with that scientific, illustration plate feel. This one i found at a flea market south of market in sf . I think I paid around $20.00 for it. My feeling is this, you can do one better than those catalogs that keep arriving in your mail. Use those shots as inspiration but think outside the page and don't break the bank while you're at it. happy hunting!


kcdesign said...

I agree with you about the Natural Curiousities and the rest - except I did go to the NC web site and some of the prints are so great - one set is all pods (which happens to be my nickname) with black backgrounds and ivory renderings - they are terrif. The blanc de chine I love - I'm hoping it will peak, then I can acquire a few good pieces on the down side.

beachbungalow8 said...

oh, i think all of these items are fantastic...thus the high use of them in all of the catalogs (and boutiques) I just feel like, with a bit of creative thinking, you can do a version of these items and make it even better! more personalized. and that N.C. book rocks. pretty much all taschen books do.

anne said...

No. I do not love Herb Caen. He was a complainer. Where did you get those slip covers, sister?

beachbungalow8 said...

anne, i've been WAITING for some san franciscan to stand up. i misspoke. made a generalization-- because i know a lot of people thought he was a complainer. but come on, the guy was an institution! and it's really cool that she lives in his old apartment. she basically takes baths with him by proxy. that's just weird and wonderful.

beachbungalow8 said...

slip covers:

'my guy' did them.

style court said...

I didn't realize that I never commented here. You are SO right on all counts. Love your alternate picks!

And, I thought I said this somewhere before, but great score with your chine de blanc.

beachbungalow8 said...

thanks doll!

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