Wednesday, June 27, 2007


remember that posting on the vintage gas station numbers? today i was driving along, and i saw them in action. look how cute! i also like the funny little container garden. very shaggy beachy surfer-dude-ish



This is an adorable photo. It is such a common site here. We have shaggy gardens too!

anne said...

You know that I look up to you as my glamour icon; that I accept your word as gospel when it comes to mostly, well, everything. But coming from, well, you know, actually, being the daughter of a gardener, well, groundskeeper, really, I take offense to that "garden." It confuses me. It makes me upset. It looks as though no one tends it. I'm upset now.

beachbungalow8 said...

hey, i didn't say, 'go out now and mimic this look!' i just said, i like it. it's so 'beach'. it's a mess, sure. a cute mess. but see, surfers have no time for taking care of a living thing. it's all about the wave, dude.

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