mood enhancer

ah, the 80s such a great fashion era. hey! let's bring it all back again! leggings. now those were great. mia flats? love the way the pointed tips bent up after much use. we can totally make those 'new again'. stirrups? mmm...pushing it. acrylic accessories? bring it! hey...what about mood (aka hypercolor) shirts?? do it!~ body faders a new british, on-line shop offers these, 'hypercolor' shirts (also hoodies and stuff for pets). hot drool apparently changes the color the technology has changed a bit, it works much better now (you don't have to spit or breathe on it now to make it activate) the effect is just as cool and 'moody'. in case you somehow missed this trend of yore, it's a chemical process that causes the dyes to change with the heat of your body or the sunlight. has all kinds of products. the website is off the hook (what i meant to say is that the header is 'off the hook' the rest is sort of....enh) - very british, wonderful header, great little segue tune. btw, these are available in the U.S. too.


Hypercolor...a trip down memory lane! Didn't know it still exists, thanks for sharing :)
Style Court said…
Remember CP shades? Love your new background color by the way.
beachbungalow8 said…
of course cp shades! --sausalito based company my friend, kelly was their entire art department. remember tweeds? the catalog?
Style Court said…
Oh yeah! Tweeds. Had a few skirts from them.

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