chinese lanterns and peonies

inspiration for a young girl's room. i never grow tired of either of these. lanterns can be found at people, nice stuff.


Anonymous said…
This is just beautiful. I found your beautiful blog through The Peak of Chic. I have been looking for lanterns just like these.

I love them and paired with the Peonies, they just look terrific,
Style Court said…
We may be soul sisters. You've just posted two of my very favorite things in life!!
beachbungalow8 said…
ahh. they are so beautiful, aren't they? i'm glad you both found what i see in these items.
robin, i found these at pearl river several years ago and then they no longer carried them. so sad. but was thrilled to find them at orange lola. great prices too. and they're hand painted. anyone know what they say?

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