flea find-vintage criminals

sf vintage criminals, originally uploaded by bungalow8.

i found these in a dusty junk shop in san francisco. they were in a box marked 'ephemera' and were $5.00 for 3. there were tons of them. later, i was at a friend's house for a dinner party and they had similar 'mug shots' (different criminals) framed. they found them at a place in the east bay (berkley etc.) . these are old mug shots from folsom prison. i guess when they were cleaning house, they just threw them in the 'give-away' pile. they eventually ended up in junk shops all over the bay area.

i love the alias of 'Robert Barbour' : 'joe blow" very creative indeed. ' Hames Hughes' got 1-15 for robbery and "Louie Delgado" 1-life for lewd and lacivious acts. huh.

i'm not sure what i'll do with them. they just keep getting pinned to my bulletin boards. but i think they're fascinating.


Anonymous said…
When I worked at the Presidio Archive (for that nasty Pilgrim woman who hated everyone whose initials are S.E.H.) there were all sorts of Alcatraz mug shots. We had the originals. The Warming Hut has post cards, and, I think, playing cards. Anyway, all of us girls who worked there picked boyfriends out of the mug shots. There were some good-looking felons, not unlike the big, goodlooking one I dated last year.

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