Wednesday, June 27, 2007


to many of my 'city' friends' horror....i ,once an aesthete, of fine foot wear, spend most of my time in flip-flops. i still have a nice little mother lode of foot candy but mostly, it's flip-flops and only havianas will do. but now my dear urban friends, please look at these new havianas they're sort of chic and stylish. not just beach living stylish either. these, you could probably actually where to bristol farms in beverly hills and not feel like a total rube. and guess what they're on sale (14.95) at


girl meets glamour said...

although I'm a city gal, my feet would be happy to wear these stylish flip-flops (just not to work:)

Anonymous said...

I found THE BEST flip-flops (better known as "thongs" or "go-aheads") last summer in Hermosa at that bikini shop south of Pier Ave. on Hermosa Ave. They are just plain (got 2 pairs of brown, one of black) but their comfyness is perfection. Coming from a girl who has an average of 8 pair in her closet at all times, this is quite a complement. I think they're usuallly around 12-15.00 but I nabbed mine at the sidewalk sale for 5.00. Can you say "STOKED"?

beachbungalow8 said...

dude. you scored. you should be STOKED!! so weird,growing up we called them 'thongs' or get this, 'go-gos' ? what kind of a weird name is that???

robyn said...

My girls will love these, thanks for the info.

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