Saturday, June 30, 2007

in the dog house

first there was milo....found in a shelter in beverly hills. i was guilted into taking him by the volunteers. he seemed old then, maybe a 3 year commitment, 6 years later, covered in tumors and a case of diabetes, he's still truckin'. sort of the black sheep. not a real looker but the nicest dog i've ever owned. then there was george. pure bred, researched, actually paid money for.... sort of my step-dog. one of those slow, lumbering labs. aka 'the tank'. known for his looks (sort of the blonde quarter back type) now there's fred. fred was another freebie. found roaming south central L.A. (think rodney king) about a month ago. spastic, sweet bouncing off the walls....maybe a year old. we all live in a tiny beach bungalow. it's insane. and i swifter about 20 times a day.


robyn said...

OMG they're so cute.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, those pups will bring you a million times more happiness than a fur-free house every will!

beachbungalow8 said...

i know, i know, but sometimes, like today, i'm irritated with the hair accumulation. i think i need to go the beach and play in the water. all will be better. said...

Hi...Yes we know all about the swifter, also have a very shedding Lab named India with dark wood floors it is a challenge to keep clean.

beachbungalow8 said...

labs shed a ton! man. my little old man, milo, does NOT shed. and he doesn't require any exercise. so this lab thing is really new to me.

Anonymous said...

I've got 2 labs myself, and have just given in to them. the house is slowly being designed around what will show the least amount of fur and dirt! We're also watching my in-laws' 2 labs at the moment, so the hair/dirt accumulation is at an all-time high... thank god for the swiffer!

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