Monday, June 18, 2007

jasna sokolovic

Yugoslavian ceramic artist, jasna sokolovic's background in architecture is evident in her structural wallpaper pieces. 3-d wallpaper. what a cool concept! art as wall paper. a new twist on the trend of wall paper as art.

her range of work, inspired by the 'stories' of her everyday experiences, spans wearable art to wall installations. her work combines her love of signage and uses a process of tranferring the image to the clay.

beautiful and unique. fine art for your body.

these great wall tiles are such an interesting change from a stretched canvas. they come with a hook on the back, ready to install. and i love the collage feel of the final product.

when it's so easy to find art that's printed on paper, painted on canvas, letter pressed- this is such a nice, novel approach. definitely provocative and would be beautiful in any environment.

Sokolovic, continues to work in a variety of artistic fields, using clay as a basis to explore not only gallery installations, but also fashion and interior design. Her work is featured in the recent Lark Book Transfer Imagery on Clay and she will be featured on an upcoming HGTV television series.

"my art forms are record of my life. each piece tells a story about my everyday experiences, as much as, my extraordinary ones, much like a diary or a sketch book. with a use of symbolism, images, text and numbers, i reveal a personal vision" about today’s culture and my place in it.

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the butterfly collector said...

these wall tiles are wonderful! Thanks for sharing, I'm off to check out her site right now!

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