Thursday, June 7, 2007

i'm kookoo for.....

with so much really, icky, cartoon laden bedding available for kids, how wonderfully refreshing to run across a Kukunest . Kukunest has the best looking kid's bedding i've seen in a very long time aspiring designers, painters, and photographers, Teri Dimalanta and Laura Mameesh have turned their love of color and design into kukunest. The line of children's products, embody a contemporary aesthetic that's colorful, eclectic and above all, meant to fuel children's imaginations. And because they have a pledge to do good to mother earth, their products are ├ľko-Tex certified, a European standard that was created to ensure no negative effects from the manufacture or use of certified textile products. yay. these little girls are my favorites! super cute.

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style court said...

Yep, love the lanterns and girls.

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