mug your walls

My love for portrait art began as a child, with john singer sargent's "madame x". more recently, i've been drawn to vintage portraiture. they're bit more attainable and full of 'provenance'. a few years ago, on ebay, you could pick up some random person's, visage for around 40 dollars. i love them because they're so full of story. who are these folks? who felt the need to paint their likeness? i think that if i ever have a large enough room, or a landing in a house, i would love to curate a collection of these "mugs". hanging them in a group, from floor to ceiling. oh, and btw, these portraits are for sale at the most fabtastic, 'woodson & rummerfield design'--


Style Court said…
On his website, photographer Paul Costello has a cool picture with a salon wall of similar portraits. (archives, interiors, page 11)

I didn't copy it for you because of copyright concerns.

BTW: who did that fab illustration of you in your sidebar?

beachbungalow8 said…
cool! i will check it. yes, i did do that illustration. after, too many friends, telling me my photo was cheesy. love my friends and their honesty! :)
Style Court said…
Oh wow, I'm impressed! I love your illustration!!

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