not your grandmother's headboards

i was just looking at urban outfitter's on-line sale (these aren't on sale) and came across the velvet, padded headboards they have to offer. they're really quite fantastic and offered at dorm-room prices : these are nice and are only $270.00. but these are what i'm interested in.... cool, right? $280.00 dollars. and check out the detail. nailheads. i love nailheads. the pictures are not doing these any favors. they sort of look tired. like they've been sitting in someone's grandmother's, guest room for the last 30 years. dusty. but i'm pretty sure, that in real life, they look fresh. not sun bleached. and if that's the case, then this is the one that i'd choose: a nice, loden green.


Leah said…
These are great. I'm bummed that UO only has them in full-size, tho. I guess dorm dwellers don't have queen- or king-sized mattresses!

Oh well ...

These are good finds. Ballard Designs also has similar headboards that are reasonably priced.

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