Saturday, June 30, 2007

omar the tent maker and the baby doll

don't you hate it when you eat too much and have to undo that top button? and who wants to wear pants with an elastic waist band. thank god for the ubiquitous baby doll dress. it's the dress of summer out here in L.A., and i for one am working this hard. i found this great one at gap (i almost never shop there and was happy to stumble upon this) now i know, you're thinking, "mama cass" or maybe it's just a little too maternity for you. but i'm telling you, it's more mia farrow--- it flatters everyone. look, here's me, making mac and cheese (again) wearing my sweet little b.d.d. my pattern (no twister jokes please) is way cuter than the grey one. but the grey one is not so bad either. oh and i got this for 30.00 dollars on sale! deal! what shoe to wear? oh you can wear your havianas, a sweet little sandal or a cute little ballet flat. here's another find, from old navy. a nice linen. i bought mine in cream. ($29.99) and am wearing it with these shoes (which are an awesome addition to any wardrobe. by sam edelman and found at for $85.00)... to a little soiree by the beach this very eve. this little baby doll trend, will surely bring you comfort and joy and i promise you won't look like omar the tent maker's daughter or mama cass for that matter.


katiedid said...

OK now I am going to have to go shopping. I am supposed to be painting the basement. My husband is going to be very unhappy. Maybe he will cheer up when he sees me in my new dress?

beachbungalow8 said...

oh , you don't have to leave your it all on line! like me!

Leah said...

That dress looks super-cute on you.

But -- OMG -- *what* color is that wall behind you painted? I love it!


beachbungalow8 said...

leah, that color is called taper green and it's from the old martha stewart line from kmart. now you can find the samples at OSH. a great color. i used it in my sf house too.i never tire of it. if you click on my 'my house' link to the right, there are more shots of it.

Anonymous said...

Are you on crack?? We Marilyn Monroe/Jane Russell types HATE this style and can't wait for the fashion world to move on to something more "hour-glassey". Went dress shopping yesterday with my very patient (and generous) bf and 9 out of 10 dresses were this "Mia Farrow" (yup, I weigh more than 110) style. How frustrating can a birthday shopping spree get?

Okay M, you look great in this dress...darling as usual. K

beachbungalow8 said...

no i quit doing crack, it was bad for my skin. it's all about "owning it" my dear friend!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Those sandals rock!

beachbungalow8 said...

those sandals DO rock. seriously, i wear these so often. they're so cute with jeans....just the little discs showing. and they're really hot with a skirt or shorts.

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