Monday, June 18, 2007

robin's nest-design lab

in response to my invitation of a virtual design lab, i received many an email. however, robin's was the first and came with photos in tow! her main request of me was to rid her of the "burgundy". she's also the mother of two young kids and so my guess is that she feels the need to purge and organize. lighten the load if you will--with color and material. because i've never met robin in real life, i had to ask her a few questions to 'get to know' her. these questions help me to determine her 'personal palette': what are your favorite colors? I am drawn to sea blue and green why? I find these colors so calming. what sort of colors do you surround yourself with? I wear lots of green- I am blonde, and it seems to fit me(as well as pink) I love the color of the inside of an oyster, it’s luster. And the prettiest thing I have ever seen is the sun setting over Mt. LeConte (one of the highest mt’s of the Great Smoky Mountains – near where I live.) I spend lots of time on the lake boating and wakeboarding- so again, I am drawn to water and green trees. I love my pearl earrings and the color of my children’s skin (as you can see, i have very eloquent readers) what sort of items are in your home? china pattern? My everyday china is stark white with raised floral edging (no color), and my fine china is simple beige (lenox) with gold trim(married in ’89) My favorite season is Spring. My favorite outfits usually involve black, but recently my favorite dress is coral pink. I tend to wear only cotton. (100%) so: robin loves green and blue BUT already has rooms these colors in her home. she also mentions pinks, pearls and natural materials. i'm going to use these hints to begin my design concept. i will certainly throw some greens and blues in but i want something that she hasn't thought of before. and i want it to complement the, recently painted, adjacent rooms these are the before pictures of robin's home. first of all-i'd love to see a nice, natural shade-bamboo (if these are standard sized windows, home depot and target makes some great ones) I know that storage is a must. i'm changing out your armoire. but you could have this, current one, painted white with an tiny amount of a warm tone thrown in. i am suggesting that you get rid of the leather furniture as it's adding to the darkness of the room. i'd like to see more light woods, woven materials, raffias, cotton slip-covers, sisal that sort of thing. you're probably thinking i'm nuts bringing in a white slip covered sofa with kids. but, honestly, you take it off and throw it in the wash once a month (and i know that laundry is a constant with kids) i would add a lot of beautiful pillows in lovely fabrics (this is where your pinks can come in) i, of course, have chosen fabrics from john robshaw and madeline weinrib. i'd love to see some red ticking thrown in as a casual and graphic element. perhaps if the white duck slip covers are too scary, then a red matress ticking would work for you. it actually reads pink as there's more white than red. i'm replacing your lamps while we're at it. i'd love to see a bit more of an updated look. something a bit fresher. while i didn't include this in the photo montage, a lovely, big mirror would be perfect above the fireplace. it would really open it up and create more 'light'. the wall color could go a few ways. definitely lighter as you can see in my suggestions. go with a flat paint, there are many out there these days that are completely washable (little handprints be gone) i say keep the high gloss white trim if it's in good shape. robin, thank you my friend for being 'game'. this was so much fun. i was so busy with clients this month that i didn't turn this around as quickly as i would have liked. i'd love to hear your thoughts.........


style court said...


So many helpful suggestions! You put a lot of energy into this. I think your plan sounds lovely -- and practical.

Hope Robin likes it.

Linger Longer said...

I feel like I just won the deco-lottery. Thanks for putting so much time and thought into this. I love your ideas, and I actually have already put into place some of your ideas. I had the bamboo shades in mind already. I can't pull the trigger on getting rid of the couches (they are fairly expensive - zagarolli, and I don't have a room to re-purpose them. I thought of slipcovering them, but I have ordered two of the Ektorp chairs from Ikea in white, and I have a frize-type creme wool rug to rplace the burgundy one,and it is much smaller (5X8) so it opens up lots more wood floor. I hope to use your ideas to pop some color in with pink. I am in the process of streamlining the end tables - going to just one- i like the looks of one in West Elm catalog. Lighting is still a challenge. Also, Give me a push on painting my amoire- i can't seem to pull the trigger on that one. Bottom line- you rock. Keep up the great blogging- and visit mine anytime! I will try to send photos as I make changes- and keep an open mind.

beachbungalow8 said...

You made my day!! paint the armoire. seriously. it's not serving you well as it is (unless it's an antique)do it in a flat paint. it's creating a big dark space. do you get mary englebreit's magazine? last month ( i think) there was a seaside home that had a very pretty white, media cabinet in it. it's not an armoire, but it gives the same idea.
i've slip covered leather sofas in white before and it worked out great. my secret, go to home depot and get painters' drop cloths in white duck and use those for the fabric. so much cheaper than using yardage. make sure the slips are tight and not too loose. otherwise you get a messy-shabby chic feel (which i think is a bit last tuesday) and lastly, i can't wait to see your work. thank you, thank you for participating!

you're a rock star!

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