"room-to-go" before and after

my clients are rock-stars. seriously. here is an example of a fantastically executed room-to-go. if you don't know what room-to-go is, check here. in a nut shell, after listening to my client and hearing their needs and personal style, i present, an inspiration board for the room of choice, with resources, fabric and paint swatches, floor plan, elevations, perspective drawings- the works. it's left to them to then execute. all at a nominal fee. allowing them to add their own creative mark and move at their own pace. bedroom before: kids, pets, storage issues and no real design direction. bedroom after: all items were purchased from stores with on-line access (the shams i had custom made) i couldn't be more pleased with the final outcome. nice work, rock-star!


Style Court said…
A great look! What a success.

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