Saturday, June 30, 2007

sale on!

what do you make it mean? we all make things mean something based on our past experiences, and michelle caplan's work puts this exercise to play through her gorgeous work. and here's the fabulous thing-----i just found out that she's having a sale over at her sale blog if somehow you haven't had the opportunity to fall in love with her work, here are a few of her pieces: i love the whole collage look and michelle is a master at this. using ephemera and vintage photography to create a story and evoke a connection. to every viewer, they mean something different. i love this one, as my household is all women/girls (spare the dog, milo) this strong looking woman with the beautiful flowers growing next to her...such a metaphor! this one i loved immediately and thought would be great for my friends, who just bought their first home. it's entitled, 'housewarming' what a perfect gift. loving anything to do with water...this would be so perf in my beach house. the bonus is that these are really really reasonably priced. go check her stuff out, because the sale ends july 3. go! now! seriously...before they're all gone.

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